Tiffany Rose – Special Occasion Maternity Wear

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having anything to wear for a formal evening event. Now add into the mix being pregnant and not being able to find anything stylish enough in all the maternity stores you’ve looked. Frustrating, right? Well, once upon a time there was a pregnant woman singing that same tune. She was ripping her hair out because she couldn’t find any evening wear fitting enough for her baby bump. But as luck finds it, her sister comes to the rescue to design and hand-make a custom formal evening dress for the said event – not bad for someone working full time in the marketing field. And with an overwhelming positive response Tiffany Rose was born.

So dreams do come true right? Just like Tiffany Rose, even such now reputable companies have to start off small (even if that means building it on the side). And as everyone would hope for their own company, Tiffany Rose’s popularity took off and spread like wildfire thanks to their unique designs, use of exquisite fabrics and flattering cuts. And now after 10 years, Tiffany Rose has not only made a name for itself, it’s cornered the niche market of special occasion maternity wear.

Tiffany Rose A/W 2012

Tiffany London, founder of Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose‘s brian child, Tiffany London, said she has always had an interest in design. “My parents ran their own successful businesses and so I grew up with it in my blood. I also love design and fabrics – one of my very first jobs in London was working for interior decorator, Nina Campbell, which I found hugely inspiring,” she recently said in an interview on Make It British. And eighteen months ago Tiffany brought on her co-founder, partner-in-crime and husband, Christian Robinson.

This amazing duo admits this company is a labor love, concentrating not on quantity but the quality of their clothing. It was so refreshing to hear that as now it’s so easy to be caught up in just having your products come in and go out as quickly as possible. And the quality of the clothing is worked into every single detail of their pieces from each hem, to each bead, to the exquisite fabric they use with each gown. Even their night gowns share the same quality passion not only being beautifully crafted but also extremely comfortable. Ladies, you won’t have to change when someone rings your door bell anymore!

Tiffany Rose A/W 2012

Tiffany Rose Special Occasion Maternity Wear

Their inspiration pulls from the 1940s and 1950s fashion, bringing back a very vintage feel but with a modern twist. Talk about fashion forward! But what’s great about their designs are that they not only are absolutely gorgeous, they also make a statement without being too bold. It’s more of a compliment to the main course… your baby bump!

Yes, there are so many nice things to say about Tiffany Rose. But the thing that won me over about Tiffany Rose is just how customer driven they are. Customer feedback and customer service are the most important aspects that helps this company grow.

Tiffany shared a story about a bride who was looking for a last minute wedding dress – and when I mean last minute I mean the next morning in Paris! Unfortunately this bride’s designer didn’t come through as originally hoped for and, as fate had it, stumbled upon Tiffany Rose. To make a long story short, Tiffany and gang were able to ship the wedding dress to her specifications to arrive by 9:00am so she would be able to walk down the aisle at 11:00am.

Now that in itself makes you love Tiffany Rose more!

Tiffany Rose Sign

Tiffany Rose Sign

I have to say, I was very impressed with Tiffany, Chris and their company. Not only do they have brilliant pieces (which, style-wise, I don’t find here in the States), all their pieces are designed in-house as well as manufactured right in England! Such a nice thing to hear as many companies tend to out source their work. There is so much pride in the fact that they are a British maternity label, and it shows!

Falling in love is easy, just head to their site and view their massive selection of gorgeous maternity evening wear.


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